Bass Guitar Preamp Design

As is the way with many things in life, focus and direction changes. I am writing this post to offer like minded DIY hobbyists, engineers and bassists the chance to continue where I will leave in the design of a bass guitar pre-amplifier.

In 2012, I designed a bass guitar pre-amplifier for my dissertation. Over the last 2 years, I have continued to redesign the preamp in my spare time. Unfortunately, my commitments now unavoidably lie elsewhere and I am officially calling it time on my work. When I started, I had little electronics knowledge or experience; now I'm a qualified electronic engineer. From the beginning this project has been with me and it complements a great time in my life.

By popular demand, I am publishing my original work from 2012. I hope that it may help any beginners looking to design electronics. I hope it may be a working foundation for further development for those more confident in electronics. I hope that it is an interesting read for any bassist who has the faintest of passing interests in electronics.

The only thing I ask, is for your feedback. If you find my dissertation useful please get in touch, show me your developments, keep me in the loop on how your redesign or new design is going. I'd love to hear if this work helps any future electronic development.

Please do not redistribute this work without my permission.

Enough of the rambling. Enjoy:

Bass Guitar Preamp Design

by Dave Sampson

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